Lost or Found an Animal

Time is of the essence whether your pet is lost or you have found a lost pet. Either way, we can help. There are several things that you can do right away to get started:

  • Check with your neighbors and post signs throughout surrounding areas
  • Share photos that clearly show the pet's face and markings
  • Utilize social media, particularly neighborhood group chats and lost pet groups
  • Search websites dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their family
  • Inform animal shelters, veterinarians and other animal welfare organizations in your area

The more detailed the information is that you can provide, the more likely your search will be successful. Be sure to include the city, specific street names and names of landmarks near the last known location of a lost pet or where a lost pet was found.

All animals adopted from WCAC are automatically enrolled with Petco Love Lost.  Whether adopted from us or not, if you are looking for a lost pet or need to report an animal you found, Petco Love Lost helps reunite furry family members.

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I Have Lost My Pet

Take these additional steps if you have lost your pet:

  • Place items that have your pet's scent on them around the outside of your home
  • Look in nearby storm drains and wooded areas, don't forget to look up in trees for cats
  • Be certain that your pet's microchip information is accurate
  • Notify your pet's microchip company to flag your pet as lost
  • Continue to check our social media for photos of lost pets that were brought to us
  • Visit the animal center and ask to see the lost pets that are in our care, we do require proof that an animal is your lost pet

Complete our online lost pet form

I Have Found a Lost Pet

Take these additional steps if you have found a lost pet:

  • Think "lost", not "abandoned"; most animals roaming at large are likely lost and have someone trying to find them
  • Safely secure the lost pet, contact our Animal Control Officers if you are not certain it is safe to approach or if the pet appears to be ill or injured
  • Check for tags or other items that contain contact information
  • If you only find a rabies vaccination tag, call the animal center; we may be able to identify the pet's family from the tag number
  • Bring the lost pet to the center, your veterinarian or any agency that can check for a microchip
  • Require proof that anyone who claims to be the lost pet's family is indeed so; you may do this by withholding a piece of information that only the family would know, asking to see vet records or a photo of the pet with the family

Complete our online found pet form

We can only accept animals that are found in Williamson County. If you find an animal outside of Williamson County, it will have a better chance of being reunited with its family if you take it to the shelter that serves the county where it was found.

If you have been caring for a lost animal for 30 days or more, you are legally considered the pet's owner and will have to schedule an appointment to surrender the animal to us.

Calling ahead and/or completing the online found pet form will save you time if you bring a lost pet to us. We only accept lost pets at the center during regular business hours.

Whatever you do, don't give up. We hear stories on a regular basis - and have been involved with a few of our own - about lost pets being reunited with their family after weeks, months or even years.

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