Surrender a Pet

We understand that there are times when families must make the difficult decision to surrender a pet. Before you do, give us a call to see if we may be able to provide assistance that would allow you to keep your family together. If you adopted your pet from us, we will always be happy to take them back, regardless of where you live. Otherwise, we can only accept pets from residents of Williamson County, valid identification is required.

You will need to schedule an appointment, we will not accept a surrender without one. If you have an adult cat with kittens to surrender, please submit a form for the adult and indicate that there are also kittens. If you have more than one adult to surrender, please submit a form for each pet. It is very helpful if you provide as much information as possible, including veterinarian records.

Surrender Your Cat

Surrender Your Dog

Please call and speak with intake staff if you have a deceased pet or an animal other than a cat or dog that you wish to surrender.