Kitten Rescue & Rehome

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FREE Spay / Neuter Program where YOU rehome kittens.

Kitten Rescue & Rehome is a Williamson County Animal Center (WCAC) program designed to help caregivers who find young kittens (with or without a mom) and want to place them in permanent homes themselves.  

WCAC provides FREE spays and neuters for all the kittens (at a minimum of 8 weeks of age) and the mother (if present).

Rehoming is not for everybody, so we DO offer the option of bringing found or stray kittens and cats to the shelter where they will be evaluated and enter our foster, adoption or community cat programs.


The purpose of the program is to keep unexpected kittens out of the shelter and allow rehoming in the community while still providing FREE spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations to all the kittens before placement.   

Kitten Rescue & Rehome stops the kitten reproductive revolution, one cat at a time. Since the average female cat has 6 litters by the time she is five years old, then each of those 3 to 6 kittens each have 6 litters in five years, the numbers of offspring can become astronomical. Every kitten that is sterilized through Kitten Rescue & Rehome brings the local community one step closer to controlling the unwanted cat population.


Williamson County residents who find a litter of kittens and want to rehome them themselves, should contact the shelter by completing the Kitten Rescue & Rehome application online. The program coordinator will contact them with details of the program.  No rescues or organizations may apply. If the found kittens are not a good fit for the Kitten Rescue & Rehome program, you will be referred to one of our cat programs and/or other free spay/neuter options.

In return, caregivers provide basic shelter, food, monitoring, socializing, and rehoming.  No veterinary care is provided before or after the spay/neuter appointment (see below). WCAC will first schedule a spay for the mother (if present), and then for all the kittens (when they reach a minimum of 8 weeks of age). Kittens are accepted in the program up to 16 weeks of age.  

Note: Because of their special needs and fragile nature, newborn kittens with no nursing mom,  or any kittens too young to eat on their own are not good candidates for this rehoming program. Please contact the shelter if you find newborns without a mom. For immediate advice, go to  Found Orphan Kittens?


Kittens in this program must be between 8 weeks (min. 2 lbs.) and 16 weeks (max. 4lbs) to qualify to Kitten Rescue & Rehome. (The adult cat can receive her spay surgery when the kittens reach 4 weeks of age.) The kittens or cat will be dropped off and picked up by the caregiver for one-day surgery at WCAC. During the surgical appointment, kittens meeting the weight requirement will receive a microchip and additional age appropriate vaccinations which may include rabies, FVRCP, and 3-month flea control. 

No eartip is given to kittens in the KR&R program. 

No other veterinary care is provided by the KR&R program, either before or after the spay/neuter surgery.


Who wants a kitten?  Hopefully, the word will get out to neighbors and friends while the cat/kittens are in the caregiver’s home and there will be adopters waiting for each of them. Caregivers can choose to place the cat and all or part of the kittens, or keep them.

Cats/kittens that are already spayed or neutered before placement in homes have a unique head start on their health. In addition to being spayed or neutered (improved health, habits and cost savings for new owners), they will have some immediate protections: Rabies shot (if old enough), FVRCP vaccination, 3-month flea/tick protection, dewormer and microchip.

Please utilize your own network of friends, coworkers or acquaintances to place the kittens. Rely on the advice of good friends and use common sense.  If the caregiver can’t find homes, WCAC will assist in finding placement or take them into the animal center’s adoption program.


To apply: Kitten Rescue & Rehome application

For more information on stray kittens: Found Orphan Kittens?

For more information about community cats: