Nuisance Wildlife

Do you have nuisance wildlife on your property such as moles, raccoons, skunks, armadillos, opossums, etc.? Our officers are not able to remove them from your property.

Wildlife is managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), which licenses animal control operators. It is illegal for a property owner to release wildlife to a new location without a permit. Please read this information to know all your rights and restrictions as a property owner:

To search for a licensed operator, please visit: We recommend contacting multiple operators as fees may vary.
If you have an animal on your property that you believe to be sick or injured, please call Williamson County Animal Center at 615-790-5590 to speak with an Animal Control Officer.

If you have a nuisance wildlife on your property, the TWRA recommends the following recipe is 100% effective on ALL species:

Mix ½ can/container finely grated cayenne pepper OR ghost pepper extract with 1 gallon of water (bring to a rolling boil)
Allow the mixture to cool.
Pour into a one gallon sprayer (or larger)
Add 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap (this helps the mixture adhere to surfaces)
Spray mixture wherever you want to deter nuisance animals
Reapply after rain or heavy dew.
USE CAUTION when handling the mixture, protect eyes and skin (wear protective goggles and gloves).
Spray downwind to avoid inhaling. This is basically like handling pepper spray.

Nuisance animals will flee the area after one or two contacts with this mixture.
Do not spray this where your pets can get into it. Works great in gardens, etc.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
PH: 616-781-6622