Fostering at WCAC

Sometimes, animals need a foster home for short or long term care. There are many reasons foster families are needed and becoming a foster parent is a simple 3-step process.

Reasons Animals Need Foster Homes

  • Animals are too young or too old for adoption
  • Fostering helps increase the adoptability of the pet
  • Helps with capacity issues at the shelter
  • Pet behavior modification or socialization
  • Special medical treatment and recovery of the pet

Becoming a Foster Parent

The following is a step-by-step process to becoming a pet foster parent.

  1. Complete the foster  Application - This agreement outlines your duties as a foster, including begin on an on-call list, providing a loving, structured environment for the pet, bringing the pet to adoption events, and providing valuable information to the shelter on animal’s health and progress. 
  2. Receive approval by Foster Coordinator, Brooke Robbins.
  3. Make arrangements to pick up your foster pet.
For more in depth information about becoming a foster parent, please watch this episode of Pet Watch.

Foster Kitten Care 101

Learn About our "Fospice" Program

        Hospice + Foster = Fospice! Have you heard about our Fospice program? Our fospice program  is an opportunity for you to give an older animal, or animal with special needs a chance to live out the rest of their live in a loving home. Watch the video to learn more!