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Animal Center

  1. Adoption Application

    Williamson County Animal Center wants to match you and your family with the perfect pet!

  2. Book Buddies Reading Program
  3. Foster Agreement & Application
  4. Free Outdoor Cat Spay / Neuter Program Application

    Requirements for the program. * Must be a Williamson County resident. * Cat spends time outdoors If you need to set an... More…

  5. Income-Based* Indoor Cat Spay / Neuter Program Application
  6. Lost Pet Report
  7. TNR Questionnaire

    Need Help with outdoor cats on your property? Tell us more! Williamson County Animal Center's Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program is... More…

  8. Volunteer Junior Camp Counselor
  1. Animal Bite Report
  2. Contact Williamson County Animal Center
  3. Found Stray Form
  4. Income-Based *Dog Spay / Neuter Program Application
  5. Kitten Rescue + Rehome Application
  6. Scout & Youth Groups
  7. Volunteer Application
  8. Working Cat Application Form

    Please complete this form if you are interested in adopting a working cat.