Nashville K-9

Williamson County Animal Center's Preferred Dog Training Company
Better Trainers. Better Results.

Williamson County Animal Center has teamed with the dog training specialists at Nashville K-9 for a range of ventures. As the largest dog training company in middle Tennessee, Nashville K-9 provides a variety of dog training for pets, service disability dogs, law enforcement/SAR dogs, and personal protection dogs. The staff at Nashville K-9 has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the realms of animal behaviorism and training by working with hundreds of dogs each year. At Nashville    K-9, an atmosphere of uniquely creative and progressive training promotes behavior modification success for even the most challenging of dogs. Their voluntary leadership has allowed our organization to pioneer several programs benefiting not only rescued dogs, but also our staff and the citizens of Williamson County.

Nashville K-9 provides at no charge to the Williamson County Animal Center:

  • Ongoing staff training including courses in animal behavior theory, modification, and techniques and solution-oriented training
  • Ongoing training of our volunteers including courses in basic to advanced dog obedience
  • The acceptance of one to two of our most extremely difficult or fiercely aggressive dogs into their board and train monthly program for rehabilitation
  • Ongoing training of our foster staff
  • Ongoing training of our adoptable animals
  • Demonstrations at adoption drives
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid Training and Certification (with the cost applied to ARC)

Nashville K-9's charitable contributions have helped our most troubled dogs to flourish, increasing their marketability for adoption, and has continued to teach our staff innovative approaches in animal behavior modification.

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