Ondrea Johnson - Director Ondrea Johnson - Director

Debbie stass photo
Debbie Sims - Community Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Ginny Greene, DVM
Dr. Ginny Greene - Veterinarian

Brooke Robbins
Brooke Robbins - Adoption Specialist / Foster Coordinator

Penny Adams - Community Outreach Assistant
Penny Adams - Adoptions Promotions Specialist

Jackie staff photo
Jackie Horowitz - Bookkeeper

Sam Anderson - Community Cat Coordinator
Sam Anderson - Community Cat Coordinator

Vinessa Bailey
Vinissa Bailey - Dispatch

Jolita staff photo
Jolita Nemeth - Adoption Specialist

jen staff photo
Jennifer Tharpe - Vet Tech

Ashley Megan - Vet Tech
Ashley Megan - Vet Tech

Makayla Poff - Animal Control Officer
 Makayla Poff - Animal Control Officer

Julianna PettigrewJulianna Pettigrew - Facilities

JJ staff photo
JJ Wegner - Lead Animal Control Officer

Melaney Murphy - Animal Control Officer
Melaney Murphy - Kennel Tech / Adoption

Angela Russow - Kennel Tech
Angela Russow - Facilities

Christina Obriant - Intake
Christina Barta  - Kennel Manager

Christina Hulsey - Kennel Tech
Christina Hulsey - Kennel Tech

A female animal control officer holding a ferret in her arms.

Mary Hanna McHaffie - Animal Control Officer

Christie the kennel manager holding a dog
Christie Tessier - Kennel Manager

Elona Byrd with a dog
Elona Byrd - Kennel Tech

Abby Boyd - Kennel Tech

Caitlyn Yost - Kennel Tech

Kelsey Darnell
Kelsey Darnell - Kennel Tech

Finn Hampton
Finn Hampton - Kennel Tech

Rebekkah Andros - Kennel Tech

Memaw - Chief Feline Officer of Employee Satisfaction and Treat Dispensation