Lost Pets & Strays

A stray gray cat sleeping on a yellow sofa.

Report A Lost Pet
Use this online form to report a lost pet.

Report A Found Pet  Use this online form to report a found animal

If you have found a stray dog:                                
1. Take a photo of the pet in good light.

2. Complete a “Report a Stray”form online.Please consider offering to hold the pet for a STRAYcation during the required 5 business day stray hold period. We can provide you with everything you need (leash, bowl, food, crate, litter, and basic vaccinations).

*If a pet is aggressive, if you are physically unable to care for the pet or if the pet appears to need immediate vet care, please call (615) 790-5590 ext. 3400 or (615) 790-5757 (after hours)

3. After filling out the pet report, please also post the pet on neighborhood social media and neighborhood lost and found pet pages below.
NextDoor.com (specific only to your neighborhood)
Skippy Lou’s Lost and Found Pets (Facebook)
Franklin TN -Pets lost and found (Facebook)
Spring Hill TN Pets lost and found (Facebook)
Lost and Found Pets of Fairview TN (Facebook)
Lost & Found Pets of Nolensville (Facebook)
Help Me Home Lost and Found Pets of Middle Tennessee (Facebook)

Questions? Please call (615) 790-5590 ext. 3400

Tips and steps to report a found pet.

Owner Surrender Form
All surrenders of family pets require an appointment. Effective November 30, 2020, owner surrenders are limited to emergencies only. Please call 615-790-5590, ext. 3400 to speak with intake and schedule a time to come in. The completed owner surrender form should be brought to your appointment.

Found Orphan Kittens?